FAQ : Submitting a Project

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PATH is a platform that allows creators to submit an idea.
If it fits our guidelines we will try to help promote your project. However, PATH does not and cannot guarantee the outcome of your campaign.
Learn how to support a project.

What type of projects could I submit and what should I say on camera?
Submit project ideas that you care about. When you are most passionate about your concept is when you are dedicated in completing the project. We like projects that encourage, empower and uplift the human spirit. Products that will help solve a problem. We like green environmental products, but not green jokes. We say no to subjects that are sacrilegious, pornographic or promotes hate and violence (there is too much of that going around as it is). Video submissions must be for general audience. We will also pass on songs and literature that degrade or dehumanize women and men.

• Introduce yourself (and your team) and what you hope to achieve with your project. You don’t have to be formal, but be professional.
• When we can feel your passion and sincerity, it makes all potential PhilAmTHropists want to help you succeed. Remember, you are trying to grab the attention of strangers in a few minutes. Be creative! Make sure you answer all potential questions that they may have.
• Present proof why you are qualified to do this. Show a prototype of your invention, a video of you singing/dancing/acting or show a trailer/storyboard of the movie that you are working on, a sketch of your design.
• Present in detail what you need funding for (i.e rental of equipment, printing cost of your book etc..).
• What type of rewards you will give your supporters (ex. an autographed DVD copy, a good quality t-shirt, finished product before it is released to the public).
• Choose a category: Apps, Art, Animation, Community Service (for registered non-profit US organizations), Dance, Design, Education, Events, Fashion, Film/TV/Video, Food, Games, Green Design/Environmental, Health, Home/Lifestyle, Made in the Philippines, Music, Photography, Publishing/Journalism, Sports, Technology, Theater
• We recommend posting one project at a time and choose one crowd funding site. You may confuse supporters if you have more than one project posted. If your project falls under more than one category, choose the best category for it.
• Practice your spiel with a trusted friend or family member. Keep it short and simple.
• Please be realistic with the goal amount that you are requesting for and make sure that you have taken manufacturing and shipping cost of your rewards into account. -Always post updates about your project on your project page and respond to questions immediately (within 24-48 hours). This way your supporters will know when to expect their rewards and feel good that the project they have chosen to support is coming to life.
• We only accept projects that have a definite timeline for completion. For example, you would like to record your music on CD (submit it here!). However, starting a recording company is a “continuing” concept, therefore, there is no definite end to it. Project fundraising can be anywhere from 7-60 days.

IMPORTANT: For project creators with PayPal accounts in the Asia Pacific region
Due to anti-money laundering laws, PayPal prohibits a website to collect personal fundraising for multiple projects in the Asia Pacific region. Currently, only legal entities in the Asia Pacific region are allowed to post projects on PATH. This means if you have a business PayPal account you’re fine. We wish it were different, but we must comply with PayPal’s requirement. Crowd funding is still an evolving concept, and hopefully it will be just a matter of time before PayPal opens up its policies. Remember, this applies only to project creators using PayPal accounts in the Asia Pacific region.
Does my project have to be new?
A great project might be right in front of you! Maybe you have a prototype that you have been tinkering with for some time, or maybe you own the rights to an old movie and you feel it is time to reach a wider audience by adding subtitles. They may seem old to you, but it is new to us. You should own the copyright for the design, music or film.
What projects and rewards are not allowed?
• Alcohol and Tobacco
• Baby Food
• Contests/Raffles
• Drugs, Medical Devices and equipments
• Raffle/Contests
• Financial investments (loans, equity, time-shares, profit sharing, real estate, insurance/educational plans)
• Firearms, any kind of weapon/s
• Political endorsements
• Pornographic materials
• Rewards where you do not own copyright of the product or design
• Violent subject matter/Offensive materials
Will I retain ownership of my work? What if someone steals my idea?
Yes, you retain full control over and ownership of your work. This is why rewards are not loans, or equity partnerships. If you are concerned with someone stealing your idea, then a crowd funding site may not be the right venue for your project because you have to disclose some information to make your supporters understand what they are giving money to. A project that says, “this will be a great product but I cannot tell you what it is” will be a tough sell.
Are there fees? How do I get paid?
Submitting a project is free. It is only when you successfully raise or exceed your goal amount that a fee is incurred. If you are not able to raise the goal amount by your deadline, supporters will not be charged (with the exception of campaigns under Community Service category). You will receive pledges collected directly from PayPal at the end of the campaign, after your reach or exceed your goal amount. It may take a few days for PayPal to collect all pledges since some supporters may use echeck or may have low funds at the end of the campaign.
Exception: Campaigns under Community Service by a registered US non-profit will get to keep any amount that is raised. If you reach or exceed your goal amount, the site charges 10% and PayPal charges approx 4% (breakdown listed below).
You are required to have a verified PayPal account under your business name, or legal name (or one of the team members listed on the project) to receive payment. PayPal’s age requirement is 18 years old. Please be aware that supporters have the right to change or cancel their pledge amount at anytime before the end of a campaign. PayPal will only debit their account if you are successful in raising your goal amount. If supporters have changed credit cards or have no funds available by the time your campaign ends, this may cause some delay.
PATH collects 10% only when a project reaches or exceeds its goal amount. There are no fees for submitting a project and if your project does not raise its goal amount.

For project creators based in the US:
• if your supporter is from the US, PayPal’s fee is 2.9% plus .30 cents/per transaction.
• if your supporter is from outside the US, PayPal’s fee is 3.9% plus .30 cents/transaction.

For project creators based in the Phils: (should be a legal entity, business name)
• if your supporter is also in the Philippines, PayPal charges 3.4% plus PHP15.00 per transaction.
• if your supporter is from outside the Philippines, PayPal charges 3.9% plus PHP15.00 per transaction.

Please read PayPal’s fee structure for the Philippines.
*Philippine banks collect a withdrawal fee: Free for PHP7,000 or more, PHP50.00 for less than P6,999.99. Return fee PHP250.00. Bank fees varies and may change without prior notice. For all other countries, please refer to PayPal’s international transaction fees.
*A good estimate would be about 14% of the amount you raise will go to PATH and PayPal fees. You should take this into consideration. (Also don’t forget to factor in your cost for manufacturing and shipping of your rewards to your supporters).

Why does PATH charge a fee?
Fees help cover the startup, monthly hosting and administrative costs of the site, we hope that PATH will be around in the years to come so we can continue supporting people like you. We are only successful if you are. Fees are charged only if you reach or exceed your goal amount. We have to keep the site up and running whether projects are successful or not. If you raise $500, PATH only receives $50 (PayPal’s fee depends where the pledges are coming from).
Why should I submit my project on this site?
We want you to post your project where you will raise the most funds. We are after quality not quantity. Our goal is to get as many of the projects featured here funded. PATH is a platform to help creators raise funds, we will offer suggestions but we cannot guarantee results.
On our site, you will find a community of people who speak your language, understand Filipino culture, and support the Filipino spirit. Your subject matter won’t get “lost in translation.” We want you to post your project where you will get the best results––and where you feel right at home!
We know how challenging it can be to give the same pitch over and over again as you work to get funding for a project. It can take months, even years, just to raise enough money. Submitting your project idea with PATH means less time spent on fundraising and more time spent on polishing your craft.
We discourage you from posting the same project on different sites. People can easily search for information about your project online, and you do not want them to misinterpret your goal as trying to double dip and collect money for personal use. If you have raised some money on your own through another means, but you find you need another round of funding, be honest and explain why you are asking for more.
How do I upload a video?
Post your video for free on Youtube or Vimeo.com, please disable ads on your video. Vimeo Tutorial: Learn how to upload a video on Vimeo. Videos must not be bigger than 500 mb (unless you have a paid Plus account
File types: AVI, FLV, MOV, MPEG, MP4, WMV, 3GP. Please do not use copyrighted music, video or images. You may use Vimeo’s Music Store.
Youtube Tutorial: Learn how to upload a video on Youtube.
May I ask for funding for a charitable cause or for medical bills, tuition?
Please contact a charitable institution directly for scholarship requests. PATH is not set up as a nonprofit organization. We also feel it is best to leave these kinds of requests to a nonprofit organization with the experience and scale to handle them. These larger entities are also better structured to provide transparency on how funds are distributed.
However, we are still committed to supporting worthwhile causes, and PATH has a category called Community Service designated for registered US nonprofit organizations to post requests for the funding of certain social causes. Campaigns under Community Service category are not required to reach its goal amount to receive funds raised.
For registered US nonprofit organizations that would like to post projects under the Community Service category, we require evidence of your tax-exempt status, a verified PayPal account associated with your organization, and contact information of a key personnel.
Can I edit my project after it goes live?
You may edit your project description, profile, updates, video (replace your current Youtube or Vimeo link through Youtube or Vimeo’s site as long as it is the same project) and rewards (add new rewards or edit those that have not been selected). However, you may not change your goal amount and rewards already selected by supporters.
What if I am unable to complete my project?
We know life happens. Do the right thing. Post an update and cancel the project before the deadline. If you have collected the funds, provide a refund immediately. You will not only ruin your reputation but the integrity of the Filipino people. This will greatly affect future developers and your supporters may take legal action against you.
What if my project exceeds the goal amount and there is still time left before deadline?
Congratulations! It means everyone agrees that you have a BRILLIANT idea and people want to see it made. Post an update on your page and continue promoting your campaign until the very last day. And yes, you get to keep the amount raised (minus PATH and PayPal fees).
What if my project funding is unsuccessful?
It is time to put your thinking cap back on and solicit advice on how to make it better. Is the project feasible? Was your goal amount realistic? Think of it as being able to do your market research for free. Remember, you were given the opportunity to pitch your idea to a worldwide audience. After you have tweaked it some more, you may resubmit your project. Sometimes version 2.0 is really better.
Since you will not be able to complete the project without the full amount requested, your supporters will not be charged anything (with the exception of projects under Community Service which will collect whatever is raised). This lessens the risk for them (a project that is not fully funded means you will be unable to complete your project and distribute the rewards). After all, our goal is to help you COMPLETE your project.
In the meantime, why not support somebody else’s project and share some good karma?
Why do I have to give rewards?
This is a way to show your appreciation and a great way for manufacturers to test the market if there is a demand for their product. People will be more willing to support your brand if they get to test your product before it is released to the general public. Giving rewards also creates a sense of community with your supporters.
What types of rewards should I give?
Rewards are NOT: financial incentives, equity or partnership, promise of profits or loans, raffles or lotteries, coupons/discounts/gift certificates, alcohol/tobacco and drugs, club memberships, illicit materials, firearms, marketing/pyramid schemes, timeshares, real estate, medicine/pills.
Rewards may be a sample of your work or special editions of your product. You might want to spend some time thinking of reward types that would entice a person to throw full support behind your project. Keep in mind you are asking complete strangers to trust you. They are taking the time to read about your project and will share their hard earned money because they believe in YOU and would like to see you succeed. So make it worth their while. Your reward can either be a cool experience (backstage pass, add their names to your site or social media account, interview or lunch with the creator); copy of your project (e.g. digital download of your movie or recording, magazine, a good quality t-shirt that won’t fade or shrink, finished product of your prototype).
Please make sure you have taken into account manufacturing and shipping cost of your rewards (don’t forget to add the costs of envelopes, bubble wrap, international postage). Remember to include your PhilAmTHropists on your journey. Post regular project updates on your page. Inform them when rewards are going to be sent out, or even when there are unexpected delays (don’t keep quiet and pretend they won’t notice). Do set realistic expectations. Factor in possible delays.
How can I reach my goal?
Research, research and more research! Put yourself in your supporters’ shoes, would you support a project that was not properly thought out? Are you able to show on your video why you are qualified to complete this project?
Once your submission has been approved for posting, you will receive an email from us and you may start sending your family and friends a link to your project. You may also post this link on your social media account. Please do not spam and use Blind copy (BCC) instead of CC when sending a link as an email, and please do not advertise your project under other people’s PATH account.
One survey shows that once you reach 45% of your goal amount, you have a better success rate of running a successful campaign. So tap into your social media network and ask friends to help you spread your campaign even before you launch.
Do I have to be Filipino to submit a project?
We assume you found our site because you are either a Filipino or friends with one of us. Maybe your spouse or BFF is Filipino, or you have lived or visited the Philippines. Whether you are 0% or 100% Filipino, if your project or target market includes Filipinos, definitely submit your project for review. But do keep in mind that the majority of our site visitors are Filipinos or familiar with Filipino culture, so projects that resonate with Filipinos are most likely get the best results. You may also want to explain your project in English (i.e. subtitles) to reach a wider audience. But Filipino or not, you do have to be at least 18 years old to submit a project.
Why do I have to be 18 to submit a project?
We know that Filipino kids are very talented. However, there are certain issues we have to take into consideration.
1) To protect the interest of supporters, we require a verified PayPal account under the Project Creators name. PayPal’s age requirement is 18 years old.
2) We also need creators to be accountable that projects will be completed and rewards will be sent out. This may be too much to expect from a minor or to place this responsibility on their parents/guardian. However, we are not closing our doors on this one. If you have suggestions on how we can support younger talents, we are all ears!
If your project involves kids (ex. documentary about children), as long as the project creator (producer or director) is 18 then you may submit your project.
Who may fund a project?
A true philanthropist supports everyone! While our site may cater to Filipino talent, we welcome anyone who would like to make a difference.
Who reviews the projects?
PATH Team reviews projects to ensure they follow our guidelines. We do not discriminate on the quality of the video or rewards, but we will offer tips/advice because we want you to get funded. We prefer quality over quantity. We value supporters’ time and we want them to know that when they visit our site, they can expect to be WOW’ed!
What does PhilAmTHropy mean?
We combined the words “philanthropy” (love of humanity) with “PhilAm” (Philippine Ambassadors). We definitely need more Philippine Ambassadors!
Need more help?
If you couldn’t find an answer to your question, please visit our support forum for more information.

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