FAQ: Supporting a Project

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Make a contribution because you believe in the project. Supporting a project is not considered a loan.
Learn how to submit a project

How will I know if a project is legit?
Follow the rule, “when in doubt, don’t”. The site has guidelines on what type of projects may be submitted. However, even with the best of intentions, we cannot and do not guarantee anything. Support someone you know or a cause you are familiar with. Use your better judgment, post your questions/concerns on the comment section of the page and if you are still not convinced, there will be other opportunities to support other projects. If you believe a project is of questionable integrity, please let us know so we can look into it.
Who may fund a project? Why should I support a project?
A true philanthropist supports anyone! While our site may cater to Filipino projects, we welcome anyone who would like to make a difference. (*Pledge amounts are not a loan. Only make a pledge because you believe in the project). We all know that there are a lot of talented Filipinos waiting to be heard. PATH’s goal is to make this site a venue for promoting innovative ideas that will showcase the unique talent of Filipinos worldwide. For as low as $1, you can help someone realize their dreams today.
How do I contribute to a project? Can I send a check? Is there a fee for funding a project?
We are set up to accept PayPal payments. We do not accept checks. PayPal will only debit your account on the last day of the campaign, and only if the goal amount is reached. (Exception: Campaigns under Community Service category by a registered US non-profit will receive whatever is raised.) There is NO FEE for funding a project. The project creator takes care of transaction fees. In some instances, depending on how you send payment, PayPal may ask who will be in charge of the fee, just choose “receiver”. Please read about PayPal’s policy
How secure is my information?
PATH uses industry-leading SSL (secure sockets layer) technology to keep your information safe. Also, when you submit your payment information, it goes directly to PayPal’s secure site for processing. PATH does not have access to your bank or credit card information. If you help fund a project, your name, email and delivery address will only be submitted to the Project Creator to allow them to keep you updated on their progress and where to ship your rewards (if you chose/were eligible for one). Your PayPal account will not be debited if their goal amount is not met. None of the PATH staff has access to your PayPal account since it goes directly to PayPal’s secure site.
May I setup a PayPal account using a Philippine bank or credit card?
You may set up a PayPal account wherever you are as long as you have a bank account or a major credit card. If you do not have a PayPal account yet, and you are based in the Philippines, please visit PayPal.com’s website. It will ask you to link to your bank account or a major credit card. PATH will not have access to your information. PayPal will only debit your account once the goal amount is reached on the last day of the campaign. If the goal amount is not raised, no charges will be made.
What is Flexible and Fixed Funding?
Fixed funding means they have to meet the goal amount before they may collect funds. This ensures that project creators will be able to complete their project. If their goal amount is not met, you will not be charged. Flexible funding is available to registered US non-profit organization. This means they are able to collect whatever amount is raised.
Will other people see my pledge amount? Can I pledge anonymously?
When you make a pledge, people will only see your profile name (which you may edit by going to My profile once you are logged in) and profile image. Your email address and pledge amount will never be visible to the public. For transparency reasons, PayPal will still disclose your PayPal account name to the project creator. Disclosing your identity allows you to keep track of your generosity.
Is my contribution tax deductible?
Community Service category are projects by a registered US non-profit organization. Contributions are tax deductible to US citizens. For more information on Charitable Contribution Deductions by the IRS.
What if I do not receive my rewards?
Project Creators are encouraged to post updates on their project page (including if they will be late in sending their rewards). While PATH cannot guarantee that the Project Creator will deliver the rewards promised, we encourage you to email the creator directly or post a comment on the Project page. This is NOT a shopping site so rewards may take longer to get to you since they are coming directly from the creators and will depend on when they complete their project.
Posting Feedback
We welcome feedback and suggestions. There may be some projects that you are simply not interested in, no problem! Hopefully, you will find another one on your next visit that you find fascinating. We request that your postings remain cordial and respectful. We can all agree to disagree. Please choose your words carefully. We do not tolerate bullying, or any form of harassment, and reserve the right to remove postings that are offensive, or delete user profiles of those who abuse the site to spam others.

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