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Global Community

The Filipino community is like no other. We greet people with food and a warm 🙂 Our hope is for you to develop meaningful connections within our global community.

You got me at… ano?!

We understand the Filipino culture. Your idea won’t get lost in translation. Quality over Quantity. We are excited to hear about your project and how we can help make it happen.

Smart Funding

Flexible Funding for US non-profits allowing them to collect whatever is raised. All other projects are Fixed Funding, the goal amount must be met to ensure the project will be completed.

Real-Time Stats

Track payments and supporters easily. We are PayPal verified, ready to accept payments worldwide.

 Join a new revolution.
Celebrating the Filipino spirit, one project at a time.
Submit a project or let us support one, together!

Take the first step towards following your path and inspire a community to support you.
Our goal is to provide a venue for developing and supporting meaningful projects.

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